Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Houston we have a problem

Stella likes to take her shirt off, period. If she can't physically take it off then she will take any opportunity to flash her boobies at anyone who is standing by her. Not only does she flash them but she also yells "BOOBIES." Let me assure you that she does not get this from me. I NEVER take my shirt off, in fact I have become pretty skilled at taking my bra off without having to remove my shirt, that's how much I hate taking my shirt off.

On Monday Dan, Stella, and I went to Chicago for the day to visit the Shedd aquarium. We had an absolutely great time, it was amazing. We spent four hours there and then went to visit a friend of Dan's who lives downtown. He lives in a building straight out of Sex and the City, it had amazing artwork in the lobby, cool furniture, and a greeter who had to call in order for you to be allowed to travel on to the elevator, super fancy...not a place for a toddler. So we got up to his amazing 24th floor apartment overlooking Chicago and the river and Stella settled right in. She touched every button she could reach, put her grimy hands on his full length mirror, stuck her fingers in the dirt of their plants and almost broke their Kate Spade vase. I tried to do as much damage control as I could and tried not to draw any attention to ourselves. I thought I was going fairly well and that maybe, possibly we could pass as normal adults until Stella, looked at Dan's friend, pulled her shirt up and yelled "STELLA'S BOOBIES" right at him. Yay, not normal.