Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The hypochondriac

Stella is becoming a hypochondriac, that or she is just a drama queen. While I was vacuuming Sunday she must have scratched her arm. When I was done I noticed it, it wasn't bleeding and asked her how she did it. Suddenly she got very quiet so I asked her again, she then began to cry. She proceeded to tell me that her "fairy book" did it. I ask her if she was ok and she started crying harder and said "don't touch it, don't touch it!" Keep in mind, it was a scratch. She then stopped using the arm and told me it was broke and that she needed a "new green arm." I don't know where on earth she got the green arm from, she doesn't even know her colors.

Later that night she was taking a bath and splashing around when she got some water in her eye. She quickly covered her eye and Dan asked if she was ok. "NO!" she replied. We asked her if she wanted a towel to dry it off to which she replied, "No, I broke my eye, it cracked and it fell out." Awesome.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stella love's Moto Moto

My daughter has a friend and I don't think I could call him imaginary because he is in a movie. His name is Moto Moto and he is a hippo in Madagascar 2. I loved him the first time I laid eyes on him and my daughter obviously has my taste. She now referes to Madagascar 2 as the "Moto Moto movie" and she talks to him all the time on her fake phone. She will say something along the lines of "Hello? Moto Moto? Yes, it's me Moto Moto. You come over? Ok, see you tomorrow Moto Moto. Bye Moto Moto." She talks to him several times a day. Yesterday she was laying under the Christmas tree (I wasn't able to get a picture) when he must have called. They had a nice conversation from what I heard. On occasion she will rename all of us. She will say "Moto Moto Mommy" or talk to my belly and say "Moto Moto baby Carter."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day where we are all to reflect on what we are thankful for and I have such a long list. Although Dan's job status still isn't what we wish it was I find that being such a small detail in the scheme of life lately. We worship a God who has promised to be faithful to us and I have had a peace in that lately.

I am thankful beyond words for my beautiful family. Sometimes when I look at Stella I can still not believe what a miracle she is. How two people can literally make another human being, how God designed that is still something that blows my mind. She has brought me more happiness and joy than I could have ever imagined. I always wanted to be a wife and mom but never fully realized what a privilege it is to be one. I am thankful for my little ninja boy in my belly. I marvel at the fact that I can feel my sweet boy move and kick and honestly wish I could have that feeling forever. I dream about the day we will meet him, and who he will look like and how much my heart will grow that day. I am lucky to have a husband who loves God and desires to know Him more and more each day. God is still working on us and molding us and I am thankful for that. God has been so good, we are healthy which is something I will never take for granted and we live in a country where we can worship Him freely. I know He has great things in store for my family and I get excited just thinking about it.

So today I urge you to look around the table as your eat your meal and think about how truly blessed you are. How none of that happened by accident and what an awesome God we serve!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I strongly dislike an elderly woman

I know, it's horrible and I feel horrible about it. But I have never met such a mean person in my life. There is an elderly woman who comes into my work every couple of weeks and every time she comes in she yells at me about something. Mind you I am the concierge, all I do is answer and transfer phone calls and point people in the right direction. I do not make the executive decisions around here. So lets start from the beginning.

Most people walk in our building and look lost so my main job is to ask them if I can help them find where they need to go. Well this lovely lady walked in with her walker and I told her where she needed to go and she immediately started yelling at me that "the sick people shouldn't have to go all the way upstairs." I work at a clinic, everyone here is sick and we have an elevator. Nonetheless I told her I was sorry but that's where the office she was looking for is located. After her appointment she came back downstairs to the lobby to wait for her ride. I asked her if she would like me to get her some water and she said "yes." When I returned with a bottle of water she started yelling at me telling me that "the water is too big, how would someone ever finish all that water, it is such a waste!" Keep in mind it's a standard 16oz water bottle. I told her she could take it with her, that's what most people do, she didn't like that answer. She then preceded to complain about how our chairs are too soft and are made for "short people." I told her I was sorry and that I could get her a metal folding chair but she told me "NO."

On our second encounter she once again complained about the chairs being too soft and to low. This time she also complained that the elevator door does not stay open long enough. I replied by telling her there is a button she can hold down to keep the elevator doors open...she didn't care.

I was lucky enough to see her scowl ridden face yesterday. I thought perhaps she would be in a better mood, with the holidays coming and all. We even have our Christmas decorations up in our clinic. In the lobby we have a huge tree, which a outside company comes in to decorate and it is just beautiful. As the bundle of happiness was leaving I said "have a nice day!" to which she looked at me and replied "THE IS THE UGLIEST TREE I HAVE EVER SEEN! IT IS HIDEOUS!" I was honestly caught off guard, I mean who insults a Christmas tree? So I replied "well most people really like it." "Well it is just awful" she said.

I am hoping next time she will insult me on my growing belly or perhaps complain about the donation box we have for need children.

I am open to taking any witty come backs you all might have.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maternity Spanx

Shorty after I had Stella I discovered the body shaper. I had a 3 month old at home and still looked 5 months pregnant and I realized I needed to do something, fast. That's when I discovered that you can look way thinner than you are by squeezing all your fat and loose skin into a body shaper. Sure you can't breath and you have to be careful that it doesn't roll down because then your fat will come spewing out the top but if you are careful it can make you look a lot better than you really do. So, I became addicted to the body shaper, it got rid of my muffin top most of the time when I wore jeans, it smoothed everything out when I wore dresses, it was a miracle.
The only problem is when you get pregnant you can't really wear a body shaper and that is kinda when you really want one, sure your belly is getting bigger but you still want everything else to look nice and tight right? So I started looking into it and realized that someone out there must love body shapers as much as I do because they made one from pregnant ladies. Once my belly started getting big I ran out and bought one for the very reasonable price of $45 (total sarcasm). This is not me in the picture by the way, my legs do not look that good and if you ask me this girl doesn't have anything to hold in. But, none the less thank you spanx for thinking of us pregnant heffalumps!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inappropriate words

A couple of weeks ago as we were all getting ready for bed when my husband slipped this little statement into the conversation "Stella said frickin today." "WHAT?!?" I replied. "Ya, we were in the car at a stop light and she started yelling 'FRICKIN GO, FRICKIN GO!'" he says. I wonder who she got that from? Could it be her mother who treasures our time in the car because it means that I am not chasing her around? Or could it be her father who is already road raging the minute we get out of our driveway on an empty subdivision street? So for the next couple days I kept a close watch on her but never heard the word again so I was hoping it was just a fluke.

The weekend rolls around and Saturday we were all driving as a family when we came to a stop light at which point Stella started screaming "FRICKIN GO!" over and over. I looked at Dan with the look of death. "DO NOT SAY THAT" he told her. "Hypocrite" I mumbled under my breath. We got to our dinner destination and afterwards Dan wanted to run into a shoe store. Shoe stores and toddlers do not go well together so I told him we would wait in the car. My daughter and I were having a nice conversation until she realized Dan was gone and asked "Where did frickin Daddy go?" I told her not to use that word at which point she asked the question again. So, like any good mother I got out of the car, went around to her door, opened it, and smacked her on the hand. She laughed.

Later that night when we put her to sleep I was in the office on the computer when I heard her start to yell "FRICKIN DADDY GET UP HERE!" I ignored it this time, mainly because I didn't have the energy to fight any longer. I know there could be far worse words she could be saying but I am just waiting to pick her up from daycare and them to tell me she decided to use it there or possibly, maybe, she will wait until our church Christmas program and debut it there for the public.

*I have not heard the word again in a little over a week.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To everyone who reads this blog

I have had a couple people who have contacted me and told me that they like this blog of mine. If you read it and like it would you please sign up to be a follower? (see box to the right to do so) This way I will know who and how many people are actually reading it. Many times I think I am just writing for my own entertainment and then I get a sweet note saying "I like your blog" and I never knew that person was even reading it. It would mean a lot to me, all it does is update you when I write a new post and it lets me know who you are.

<3 Katie

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a boy!

We went for our big ultrasound yesterday and found out we are having a boy! Dan and I are both in shock. When the tech told us she was going to look to see if she could tell us what it is I immediately saw his little peepee. It was clear as day and she didn't even need to tell me, it was right there in front of our eyes. We are very excited and happy that our family is now comlplete. Now we just have to get a bunch of boy clothes and swords and guns and stuff for him to play with. It is going to be a big change for our girly girly Stella and our life of babies and barbies and dress up but it will be fun. So, here we go, now we just have to wait about another 19 weeks for him to make his enterence into the world. We love you baby boy!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When faced with a crisis

When you are a mom you are often faced with many crisis's. What happens when you are out and you just used the last diaper and then your toddler decides to poop? How do you get purple marker off of your toddlers skin because she decided to color all over her body while your in laws were supposed to be watching her? The list is endless and as I become more experienced in motherhood I am finding that I am in fact an inventive, smart, dare I say Maguiver like woman.

Well today I was faced with a new crisis, one that almost gave me a heart attack and will surely give me nightmares for days to come. While Stella was taking a nap this afternoon I went downstairs to change over the laundry (this story is now my official excuse of why I will never do laundry again). As I was walking through the finished part where we have some of Stella's toys, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I started praying that what I saw was not some type of rodent, I didn't want to look, but whatever moved just moved towards my baby's toys and I did not want her to be the one to find whatever it was. So I slowly walked towards the toys and I saw it run, a grey little four legged creature into the corner of the basement, behind the bin of toys. I immediately did what any brave woman would do, I ran upstairs and called Dan figuring he would be able to fix the problem. "You need to catch it" he said. "NO! THERE IS NO WAY I CAN CATCH IT!" I replied. "OK then drive to Walgreen's and get a mouse trap" he said. "Stella's sleeping, I can't" I told him. "Well I don't know what to tell you then" he replied. "OK" I said, "I am going to put on my Uggs and go down there". So I got on my protective footwear, grabbed one of Stella's sand buckets and crept back down stairs. When I reached the bottom step I saw it dart across the room again and I screamed. I then started moving everything away from the area one by one until I was left with one bin of toys. I slide it away from the wall and saw the beast. The beast actually turned out to be a super cute little grey fat mouse. Actually, if we had met on different terms like perhaps he was in a cage at a pet store instead of running free amongst my kids toys I could have loved him and brought him home as a pet. That was not the case so I prepared the bucket and moved towards my new little friend and as he ran away from me I trapped him under the bucket. Its the proudest I have ever been of myself apart from the time I birthed another human being. I then placed one of Stella's toys on top the bucket to make sure that little mouse couldn't flip it over or something. I left it there for Dan to get when he got home and then when back upstairs. I then placed a towel in front of the door in case for any reason the mouse did get out from underneath my trap and tried to travel upstairs into the lived in part of the house. Feel free to take any of these tips if you are ever faced with a mouse problem. When Dan got home he took our new little friend outside and freed him even though he said "he's just going to get eaten by something" to which I replied "we don't know that and we need to give him a chance at life." He showed Stella who was very excited, so excited in fact that she keeps telling me she wants to go "down in the basement to see the mouse." Super.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Coffee Lush

I now know the real reason why they tell you not to drink coffee when you are pregnant. It's not because the caffeine might stunt your babies growth or that it will make them all hopped up from the caffeine buzz. It's because they will be addicted to it. Yep, just like a mom who does drugs and then their kid comes out a crack baby. If you drink coffee when you are pregnant you newborn will come out dependent on it. Case in point, Stella. As I have said before her favorite saying is "I want some" so of course every time I am drinking coffee she walks up to me and states "I want some." I always tell her "no this is mommy's coffee, you can not have coffee." She never buys this as an answer and asks over and over until I drink all of my coffee. Today I got a McDonald's iced coffee which is a special treat for me and of course the little lush came right up and said "what's that? coffee? I want some." "No" I replied, partially because I know I shouldn't give my two year of coffee and partially because I don't want to share it with her. "I LOVE coffee" the lush said. "Nope" I replied again. "But I love it, coffee is my favorite." she replied. I ignored this statement and went on with my business. I was in the middle of doing laundry and went upstairs to get some more dirty clothes and on my way to the basement I passed the family room and just happened to glance in. What I saw was my 2 year old sitting on the couch, sucking my coffee down as fast as humanly possible. When I spotted her I screamed but she just kept on chugging like she was a college frat boy. She only stopped drinking when I snatched the cup from her mouth and even then her fat little cheeks were full of the substance. After she swallowed her last gulp she looked and me, smiled and said. "I love coffee."

Yes, yes she does. For Christmas this year she is going to be asking for a personal Mr. Coffee coffee maker to keep in her room, and McDonalds and Starbuck gift cards to feed her addiction.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it a baby in there?

Dan and I had a very intersting conversation last night on the way home from my parents house for dinner.

Me: Dan isn't it crazy to think that I have another human being living inside my body right now?
Dan: Ya, kinda like a parasitic twin.

We died laughing and he was obviously totally kidding. He was referencing the story of the little 1 year old girl in China who is awaiting surgery to remove a fetus-in- fetu tumor that has been growing and growing in her stomach. When they did a scan they realized it was a tumor containing fetus parts and obviously not a living human.

I think I will stick with my baby.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I graduated from college with honors

I have to tell myself this over and over sometimes just to remind myself that in fact I have accomplished something academic in my life. I have yet to use my college degree and I probably never will but I have it. I am think they might void it out pretty soon though seeing as my paying job could probably be done by my two year old daughter.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My not picky eater

I am thankful that I don't have a picky eater for a kid. HOWEVER I am not glad that my kid is a mooch and wants whatever I am eating all the time. I mean I guess it is pretty good for my waist line since I never get to eat any of my own food but the whole "I want some" is starting to get old. She is getting pretty creative in the way she is now asking for your food and I can't help but laugh at her most the time.

As I said her famous line is "I want some." But lately she has come up with some new tricks. We were driving in the car last week and I was eating almonds which Stella picked up on very quickly. "What do you have in your mouth? What are you eating Momma?'" Stella said. "Nuts" I replied. "Ohhh nuts, that's my favorite food...I want some." I started laughing so hard. I said "nuts are not your favorite food but you can have some."

Yesterday we were having some family over to watch the football game so I quickly ran into the gas station to get some soda while Dan and Stella waited in the care. When I came out with the soda Stella was screaming and clapping in delight. When I got back in the car she was yelling "YAY SODA!" I said "Stella you don't get to drink soda, you know that." To which she replied "ya, do" (which means ya I do). "No" I said back. Then a couple minutes later she said "I love soda, I love it." I just laughed, like I always do.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Biter

Stella started back to daycare or as we like to call it "school" last week. Dan dropped her off and said she was very excited and didn't have a hard time with him leaving her at all. I picked her up and as I always do asked the teacher how she did. Here is how the conversation went.

Her teacher: She had a great first day, she ate well and took a good nap. (pause) However she did bite a friend when we were in the gym. We talked about how we should not bite our friends and we talked about things we can bite, like food and she listed a lot of foods that she can bite. The little boy is ok and his parents were understanding because he has older siblings.

Me: Oh no! She has only bitten once before, she isn't a biter....Did you tell his parents who bit him?

Teacher: It happens especially when they start in a new place don't worry to much about it, I just wanted you to know in case you wanted to talk to her about it at home. And, no by law we can't tell them which child bit their kid.

Me: We will talk to her about it, it is not acceptable that she bit another kid.

Teacher: She had a good day besides that.

Me: (in my head) Ya ok she had a good day besides that fact that she bit a kid, this lady is just trying to be nice.

So I didn't talk to Stella right away about it. I talked to her about her day and asked her if she had fun and what she did. After we were home and she had a snack and we were watching a movie I paused it and said "We need to talk about something." I told her that she should not bite her friends and that hurts them and makes them sad and that it makes me and daddy sad too.

Later that night my dad called to see how her day was and I told him it went well and didn't mention the biting because I didn't want to keep bringing it up in front of her. When I got off the phone I said to Stella "Appa is glad you had a good day at school" to which she replied, "I bite." I said "I know but you aren't going to do it again so it's ok, you learned from your mistake." Then, later on my mom called and asked to talk to Stella so I put her on speaker phone. My mom asked Stella how her day was to which she replied "I bite friend." My mom told her she knew and that it's ok as long as she doesn't do it again.

Dan came home from work and I privately told him not to say anything because I think she gets the picture and that perhaps she might be feeling pretty guilty about it. So we carried on the rest of the night as normal. At bedtime we always pray with her. Dan was praying and said "We pray that Stella has a good day at school tomorrow," Stella immediately jumped in and said "I don't bite friends I bite food." We told her that's right, that she does bite food and not friends.

Needless to say there hasn't been anymore biting incidents but I am a little worried that she might be scared for life, even though she was the biter.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm trying!

As you all know by now I am a self proclaimed "bad housewife." Although I am bad at it, this does not mean that I don't want to try and be good at it so as of recently I have been really trying. Here is how my efforts are going...

We had our good friends came and stayed with us a couple of weeks ago and as usual I had to do a whole house clean before they got there because I am not good at keeping up with everything. So after they left I thought to myself as I always do "I need to keep the house looking like this, if I just do a little every day it can stay like this." So I have been doing pretty good for the most part. I have even managed to get all but 3 loads of laundry done and put away. I am pretty proud of myself. Although to be totally honest I have not made our bed probably once in the past 3 months. But that's not that big of a deal right?

Another conclusion I came to recently is that all moms bake so I should try that too. I started with lemon poppyseed muffins. I was all excited yesterday when I woke up, I told Stella "mommy is going to make you some good muffins!" so I made them right away and proudly gave one to Stella who took one bit and said "I don't like 'em." I am going to try banana bread next.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all fun and games until you get a call home from your kid's school

I know with Stella only being 2 she is a far ways from going to school. With that said she is already developing some habits that I know will result in me getting a call at home from her school. It's all cute now and everyone laughs (especially Dan) but I keep telling him "just wait until she goes to school and is saying this stuff." He blows it off so I think I will be giving him as the contact once she goes to kindergarden.

Case in point. We went out to dinner on Friday with some good friends. As we were standing outside waiting for our table I heard someone pass gas...VERY LOUDLY. We all looked at Dan and I said "Dan, come on!" To which he reliped "I didn't do it!" Nobody was buying that until my cute little daughter looked at all of us very proudly with a big smile on her face and said "Stella did it, Stella tooted!" At another point that night while we were sitting down at the dinner table she said "you hear that? Stella burped!" Yeah so I am thinking we might have a bit of a situation on our hands.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buckle up, cause here we go again.

We are having another baby! I am 9 weeks along right now. We went to the doctor last week and got to see the little kidney bean that is growing in my body along with it's little beating heart. Seeing your baby's heart beating for the first time is one of the best things a mother can ever see. We are all very excited, although at times I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into. I think Dan said at one point when we were discussing when we should start trying "let's just get it over with." He then went on to say that our lives are crazy enough right now, lets not wait until it calms down and then start over, let just keep going. I agree with that....most the time.

Stella is VERY excited. I know she's only 2 but she already LOVES babies. Her favorite toys are her babies. She loves to look and touch real babies and she doesn't care if they are complete strangers, she will walk right up to them and touch them. I'm sure that makes those mom's super happy. Almost every Sunday she tries to steal real babies from church. She is in the "toddler room" from kids 18-33 months but every Sunday she tries her hardest to get into the infant room. If she can't break down the door she will wait until someone sets their baby in the car seat down and then she pounces. She tries to lift the carrier and by the time I see her and tell her "no" she is screaming "MY BABY, MY BABY!"

She is a little confused however about the baby and where it is growing. My best friend was just pregnant and recently had her first baby, a beautiful little girl who they named Veda. The whole time she was pregnant we would talk to Stella about it and say "baby Veda is in Auntie Amy's tummy, we love her, you are going to be best friends, etc." Well baby Veda was born last week and Stella seems to think she is now in my tummy. Every time I talk about mommy's baby she says "baby Betta, baby Betta." She also thinks the baby is growing in my boobs. Again we had this problem when Amy was pregnant. At any random time Stella would grab Amy's boobs or pull her shirt down exposing her and say "Baby Betta in dare." Repeatedly we told her that the baby was in her belly and we thought she was getting it towards the end since the molesting had come to an end but apparently not. She is now pulling my shirt down, poking my boobs and saying "Baby Betta." I mean I guess my boobs are as big as some pregnant woman's belly's so maybe it isn't her fault. I think we might be making some progress though because starting last week she now lifts up my shirt and yells into my belly button random things to the baby.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Houston we have a problem

Stella likes to take her shirt off, period. If she can't physically take it off then she will take any opportunity to flash her boobies at anyone who is standing by her. Not only does she flash them but she also yells "BOOBIES." Let me assure you that she does not get this from me. I NEVER take my shirt off, in fact I have become pretty skilled at taking my bra off without having to remove my shirt, that's how much I hate taking my shirt off.

On Monday Dan, Stella, and I went to Chicago for the day to visit the Shedd aquarium. We had an absolutely great time, it was amazing. We spent four hours there and then went to visit a friend of Dan's who lives downtown. He lives in a building straight out of Sex and the City, it had amazing artwork in the lobby, cool furniture, and a greeter who had to call in order for you to be allowed to travel on to the elevator, super fancy...not a place for a toddler. So we got up to his amazing 24th floor apartment overlooking Chicago and the river and Stella settled right in. She touched every button she could reach, put her grimy hands on his full length mirror, stuck her fingers in the dirt of their plants and almost broke their Kate Spade vase. I tried to do as much damage control as I could and tried not to draw any attention to ourselves. I thought I was going fairly well and that maybe, possibly we could pass as normal adults until Stella, looked at Dan's friend, pulled her shirt up and yelled "STELLA'S BOOBIES" right at him. Yay, not normal.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh do you know the Muffin Man? I sure do.

I never had an amazing body in my opinion but there was a time when I looked decent in a bikini and good in most clothes. There were even some things I liked for example my boobs. They were a nice size, not too big not to small....now I would describe them as large sacks of jello that hang down to my belly button. I can deal with them though, with a good bra on you can't tell so I don't lose sleep over them.

When I was pregnant with Stella I gained 500lbs. I think I was depressed because my body was growing and changing so I figured the best idea would be to eat a M&M blizzard everyday. NOT SMART!!! After I had Stella and lost the weight my skin has never quite gone back to where it is supposed to be. Now having this extra skin causes a problem when I wear any type of pants. My solutions has been to buy bigger pants so that the waist doesn't squeeze the skin over the top of my pants creating a huge muffin top that could feed a large kindergarten class. However my husband AND apparently the sales girls at the Limited beg to differ on this theory. Dan says "You look like you have poop in your pants. You're pants are too big, maybe you need to go somewhere where they can teach you how to dress for your body type." The girls at the Limited must have also gotten this memo.

I want shopping on Mother's day for some new pants. I put on this cute pair of black capris and when the waist was creating a muffin top with my extra skin I exited the dressing room to ask the sales girl for a different/bigger size. "You don't need a bigger size" she said. "Don't you see my muffin top?" I replied. "Those are the right size, they will stretch." was her response. I never believe this "they will stretch" business. If they don't fit me when I buy them, they aren't going to fit me in two days. She got me the other side since they pride themselves in excellent customer service and I tried them on. This time there was no muffin top, but there was a lot of saggy butt material going on. I left my stall once again and said to the sales girl "don't these look better? No muffin top." "No" she said, "they are too big." So I bought the smaller size and am super excited to put them on again and watch people scream in horror when they see my lovely lady lumps. But at least I won't look like I have poop in my pants.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the 2nd mother's day that I have been able to celebrate with my sweet girl. I love holidays and especially ones where I get gifts. Mother's Day is creeping up on the list of my favorites because it is my day and I can use it for an excuse for anything, i.e. Dan asked me to clean my car out today, my reply "umm....no, it's Mother's Day." He didn't argue.

My morning started out very nice, Dan went to McDonald's to get me an iced coffee and also brought home some flowers. When Stella woke up she presented me with the adorable gift she made for me at school which is a plate that says "Happy Mother's Day" and then has her hand prints on it with glitter paint. I will cherish it forever but at the same time I had to laugh because her hand prints basically make it look like she has 3 fingers on one hand, and an abnormally large middle finger on the other. I mean I'm sure she was totally cooperating and that's why it turned out that way. (sarcasm) When I said to Dan "her hands look like funny blobs he said "I thought it was her feet" and he was serious. My second gift was a card from Stella where you can record a message. You push a button and it says "record a message after the beep" Dan wanted her to say "I love you mama" instead I opened the card up and heard her yell "BEEEEP." The third great present which was not planned happend when I went to get ready for church this morning. As I am in the shower I was lucky to realized we had absolutely no hot water. And it is not even like the water was room temperature, nope it was ice cold. I would have skipped the shower except that I hadn't washed my hair since Friday and it was starting to take on a life of its own. The water was so cold that I was literally gasping from the shock of it. We ended up running into church 10 minutes late, throwing Stella at the child care workers and praying that the offering wasn't at the beginning of church since we were both ushering... I think we might get kicked out as ushers pretty soon.

Other super exciting things that happened today...Stella didn't take a nap, Louie tried to kill the neighbor's puppy but instead in the heat of the moment ripped out one of this nails that then blead all over my kitchen floor. And our neighbor kid asked us for money for the twelfth time this week so he can go on a field trip to cooper's town.

All in all it was an amazing day filled with lots of love and laughs. I am so thankful for my little family and all the crazy things life brings each day. God is so good!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Topless Dancer

Our daughter Stella will be 2, June 2nd. Besides being the love of our lives she is also our constant entertainment. I grew up dancing my whole life so of course I secretly wished that if I ever had a daughter that she might enjoy it too. I would never have pushed her if she didn't like to dance but lucky for me she is already a natural born dancer. She dances ALL the time, to songs, commercials, and even people's cell phone rings. And I do have to say she has some pretty good moves and she is very serious about it. In the last couple of days however she seems to have taken her dancing to a different level and one that we think we should maybe be concerned about. Recently when she is very serious about the dance she takes her shirt off and refuses to cover up! Last night she danced around the house for close to 20 minutes topless. We tell her she needs to cover up and she just screams "NO" and continues on with her show. At one point she even started rubbing her belly and I think attempted a belly roll. Her favorite songs at this time is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, she even requests it saying "mommy, oh oh ohhh" and also "I like to move it" by Will. I. Am. Dan and I always wished that our kids would love to dance. We dance all the time and I think our dancing when I was pregnant must have rubbed of on the developing fetus. As for our topless dancer, I don't think we are going to force her to keep her clothes on at this time (when we are at home at least) as I feel as though she should be able to express herself freely, however if she keeps this up for several years we might have to reevaluate the situation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My little brother, the baker

Here is another example of how I fall below average on the housewife scale:

My brother Adam is 3 years younger than me. Our family is very close and I am lucky enough to see him at least every other week. He has always been the "smart" one. Not that I am dumb, I mean I did graduate college with honors, but he is super smart and in ways I'm not. And not only is he smart but he is a amazing baker.

It is no wonder that I have insecurity issues when it comes to being a housewife because I seem to come from this family of highly gifted male cooks. Today my brother took off of work so he could bake pies at my parents house. He has been baking these pie for probably the last decade. Every holiday we beg him to make his carmel apple pies. Oh did I mention he makes them from scratch?! Yeah he makes them from scratch, he cuts up the apples and most importantly makes the carmel from scratch! They are amazing and he recently sold 4 of them at a silent auction for $24 a piece! So he took off of work today so he could make the pies for people that won them in the auction. I am not complaining because I get to reap the benefits when he makes them for us but his great baking skills does not help my case. I actually hurts me by making my attempts at baking which consists of puppy chow, rice crispy treats, and box cake look pathetic. I am the oldest child and the only girl and no one is ever begging me to make a dessert.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Washing Machine

When I was 8 months pregant we bought a brand new front loading washer. I thought this would help me want to do the laundry more. It worked at first, I was doing well keeping up with the laundry until about a years later. Almost every time I would do a load of laundry water would leak out the bottom. I didn't think this was normal but I am also not the Maytag man so I told my husband "the washing is leaking" and decided my work was done. Well, he did nothing about it so I stopped doing laundry. It would get to the point where I had to where my old bikini bottoms becuase I had run out of clean underwear and Stella was wearing all mismatched pajamas, it would be then that I would cave and do a load.

One day my mom came over to watch Stella for a little bit, the next morning she called me and announced "I'm coming to get all your dirty laundry." I didn't want to do it but I knew I needed help so we packed her huge SUV with all three of our entire wardrobes and drove away. It took her two days of constantly doing laundry to finish it all.

In my defense I do not feel like this is entirely my fault. I repeatedly told my husband we needed to get the washer fixed and he did nothing about it. Finally when my mom took all our clothes away he decided to get it fixed. It has been several months and I am proud to say I have kept up with the laundry and have not worn my bikini bottoms as underwear lately.

My title

When setting up your blog it asks you to create a title and this is serious. I mean one statement that has to say so much, it's a lot of pressure. So, I was trying to think of something creative, something that described who I was as a person. And this is what I came up with. Good mom, Bad housewife. I am sure that I am a good mom and a good wife however, I also know without uncertainty that I am not a good housewife.

I love my little family more than life itself. I have a wonderful husband and an amazing daughter. I love being a wife and mom, its who I am. But, I have a little secret... I am a horrible housewife. I don't like to cook and I hate to clean. I wasn't born with one "housewife" gene in my body. Luckily I don't have an anal husband and since he helps make some of the mess and only helps clean up occasionally he doesn't get upset with my lack of domestic skills.

Here's the ironic part to all of this. My mom is a cleaning machine and my dad is an amazing cook. And, being their only daughter I know they desire for me to follow in their footsteps. Sorry mom and dad, I know I've let you down.