Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The hypochondriac

Stella is becoming a hypochondriac, that or she is just a drama queen. While I was vacuuming Sunday she must have scratched her arm. When I was done I noticed it, it wasn't bleeding and asked her how she did it. Suddenly she got very quiet so I asked her again, she then began to cry. She proceeded to tell me that her "fairy book" did it. I ask her if she was ok and she started crying harder and said "don't touch it, don't touch it!" Keep in mind, it was a scratch. She then stopped using the arm and told me it was broke and that she needed a "new green arm." I don't know where on earth she got the green arm from, she doesn't even know her colors.

Later that night she was taking a bath and splashing around when she got some water in her eye. She quickly covered her eye and Dan asked if she was ok. "NO!" she replied. We asked her if she wanted a towel to dry it off to which she replied, "No, I broke my eye, it cracked and it fell out." Awesome.

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