Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stella love's Moto Moto

My daughter has a friend and I don't think I could call him imaginary because he is in a movie. His name is Moto Moto and he is a hippo in Madagascar 2. I loved him the first time I laid eyes on him and my daughter obviously has my taste. She now referes to Madagascar 2 as the "Moto Moto movie" and she talks to him all the time on her fake phone. She will say something along the lines of "Hello? Moto Moto? Yes, it's me Moto Moto. You come over? Ok, see you tomorrow Moto Moto. Bye Moto Moto." She talks to him several times a day. Yesterday she was laying under the Christmas tree (I wasn't able to get a picture) when he must have called. They had a nice conversation from what I heard. On occasion she will rename all of us. She will say "Moto Moto Mommy" or talk to my belly and say "Moto Moto baby Carter."

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