Friday, April 24, 2009

The Topless Dancer

Our daughter Stella will be 2, June 2nd. Besides being the love of our lives she is also our constant entertainment. I grew up dancing my whole life so of course I secretly wished that if I ever had a daughter that she might enjoy it too. I would never have pushed her if she didn't like to dance but lucky for me she is already a natural born dancer. She dances ALL the time, to songs, commercials, and even people's cell phone rings. And I do have to say she has some pretty good moves and she is very serious about it. In the last couple of days however she seems to have taken her dancing to a different level and one that we think we should maybe be concerned about. Recently when she is very serious about the dance she takes her shirt off and refuses to cover up! Last night she danced around the house for close to 20 minutes topless. We tell her she needs to cover up and she just screams "NO" and continues on with her show. At one point she even started rubbing her belly and I think attempted a belly roll. Her favorite songs at this time is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, she even requests it saying "mommy, oh oh ohhh" and also "I like to move it" by Will. I. Am. Dan and I always wished that our kids would love to dance. We dance all the time and I think our dancing when I was pregnant must have rubbed of on the developing fetus. As for our topless dancer, I don't think we are going to force her to keep her clothes on at this time (when we are at home at least) as I feel as though she should be able to express herself freely, however if she keeps this up for several years we might have to reevaluate the situation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My little brother, the baker

Here is another example of how I fall below average on the housewife scale:

My brother Adam is 3 years younger than me. Our family is very close and I am lucky enough to see him at least every other week. He has always been the "smart" one. Not that I am dumb, I mean I did graduate college with honors, but he is super smart and in ways I'm not. And not only is he smart but he is a amazing baker.

It is no wonder that I have insecurity issues when it comes to being a housewife because I seem to come from this family of highly gifted male cooks. Today my brother took off of work so he could bake pies at my parents house. He has been baking these pie for probably the last decade. Every holiday we beg him to make his carmel apple pies. Oh did I mention he makes them from scratch?! Yeah he makes them from scratch, he cuts up the apples and most importantly makes the carmel from scratch! They are amazing and he recently sold 4 of them at a silent auction for $24 a piece! So he took off of work today so he could make the pies for people that won them in the auction. I am not complaining because I get to reap the benefits when he makes them for us but his great baking skills does not help my case. I actually hurts me by making my attempts at baking which consists of puppy chow, rice crispy treats, and box cake look pathetic. I am the oldest child and the only girl and no one is ever begging me to make a dessert.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Washing Machine

When I was 8 months pregant we bought a brand new front loading washer. I thought this would help me want to do the laundry more. It worked at first, I was doing well keeping up with the laundry until about a years later. Almost every time I would do a load of laundry water would leak out the bottom. I didn't think this was normal but I am also not the Maytag man so I told my husband "the washing is leaking" and decided my work was done. Well, he did nothing about it so I stopped doing laundry. It would get to the point where I had to where my old bikini bottoms becuase I had run out of clean underwear and Stella was wearing all mismatched pajamas, it would be then that I would cave and do a load.

One day my mom came over to watch Stella for a little bit, the next morning she called me and announced "I'm coming to get all your dirty laundry." I didn't want to do it but I knew I needed help so we packed her huge SUV with all three of our entire wardrobes and drove away. It took her two days of constantly doing laundry to finish it all.

In my defense I do not feel like this is entirely my fault. I repeatedly told my husband we needed to get the washer fixed and he did nothing about it. Finally when my mom took all our clothes away he decided to get it fixed. It has been several months and I am proud to say I have kept up with the laundry and have not worn my bikini bottoms as underwear lately.

My title

When setting up your blog it asks you to create a title and this is serious. I mean one statement that has to say so much, it's a lot of pressure. So, I was trying to think of something creative, something that described who I was as a person. And this is what I came up with. Good mom, Bad housewife. I am sure that I am a good mom and a good wife however, I also know without uncertainty that I am not a good housewife.

I love my little family more than life itself. I have a wonderful husband and an amazing daughter. I love being a wife and mom, its who I am. But, I have a little secret... I am a horrible housewife. I don't like to cook and I hate to clean. I wasn't born with one "housewife" gene in my body. Luckily I don't have an anal husband and since he helps make some of the mess and only helps clean up occasionally he doesn't get upset with my lack of domestic skills.

Here's the ironic part to all of this. My mom is a cleaning machine and my dad is an amazing cook. And, being their only daughter I know they desire for me to follow in their footsteps. Sorry mom and dad, I know I've let you down.