Friday, January 29, 2010

This is the moment I realized I am ready for this baby to come out

** Warning, this story contains graphic contents that involve vomit**

I have been suffering from acid reflux since I was about 10 weeks pregnant, it wasn't so bad at first but has now gotten completely out of control. I was taking Pepcid and it would help but still did not make it go away. Finally I called my doctor and they informed me that I shouldn't be "dealing" with it because it is basically rotting away my esophagus and that they would prescribe me some stronger stuff. I got the prescription stuff and yesterday was the first day in 25 weeks that I did not have acid burning my throat. I went to bed a happy girl last night.

After I had been asleep for probably an hour something beyond me happened. Without my mind even registering what was happening my body threw itself out of bed, into the bathroom and I instantly started puking up acid. It all happened so fast I was taking off guard. One minute I'm dead asleep the next I am standing over the toilet puking up stomach acid. It burned so bad so I tried to take a drink of water which instantly came back up too. Dan was horrified and in shock, mostly because he hadn't seen my fat butt move that fast in 7 months at least. Needless to say it was at that point that I decided I am done and this baby can come out now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breakfast of champions

On Mondays and Tuesdays I work early so Dan has to get Stella up and ready for school. It is not that hard since I have her lunch packed and clothes layed out the night before all ready for him. I have often asked him if he feeds her breakfast before she goes and I have recieved all sorts of replies. The last time I asked he told me he didn't feed her because she slept in too late and he knew she would be having snack when she got there. I told him the animal crackers they give her for snack are not good enough and that he should really try to give her a nutragrain bar or something.

Yesterday I came home from work and noticed a bowl sitting in the family room, I glanced in it and saw that there were frosted animal crackers and the remains of a soft pretzel now turned rock hard. I figured Dan had given her a snack when she got home from school and didn't think much more of it. After Stella got up from her nap she began snacking on the cookies again, Dan noticed this asked me "are those from this morning?" "I have no idea" I replied, "what do you mean this morning? Is that her breakfast?" He then proceeded to tell me that she would not eat anything else but a soft pretzel and frosted animal cookies for breakfast and he wanted to make sure she ate something so that's what he gave her. Instead of getting upset I actually found it very sweet that he wanted to make sure she was fed and that she got to eat what she wanted.