Friday, January 29, 2010

This is the moment I realized I am ready for this baby to come out

** Warning, this story contains graphic contents that involve vomit**

I have been suffering from acid reflux since I was about 10 weeks pregnant, it wasn't so bad at first but has now gotten completely out of control. I was taking Pepcid and it would help but still did not make it go away. Finally I called my doctor and they informed me that I shouldn't be "dealing" with it because it is basically rotting away my esophagus and that they would prescribe me some stronger stuff. I got the prescription stuff and yesterday was the first day in 25 weeks that I did not have acid burning my throat. I went to bed a happy girl last night.

After I had been asleep for probably an hour something beyond me happened. Without my mind even registering what was happening my body threw itself out of bed, into the bathroom and I instantly started puking up acid. It all happened so fast I was taking off guard. One minute I'm dead asleep the next I am standing over the toilet puking up stomach acid. It burned so bad so I tried to take a drink of water which instantly came back up too. Dan was horrified and in shock, mostly because he hadn't seen my fat butt move that fast in 7 months at least. Needless to say it was at that point that I decided I am done and this baby can come out now.

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