Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day where we are all to reflect on what we are thankful for and I have such a long list. Although Dan's job status still isn't what we wish it was I find that being such a small detail in the scheme of life lately. We worship a God who has promised to be faithful to us and I have had a peace in that lately.

I am thankful beyond words for my beautiful family. Sometimes when I look at Stella I can still not believe what a miracle she is. How two people can literally make another human being, how God designed that is still something that blows my mind. She has brought me more happiness and joy than I could have ever imagined. I always wanted to be a wife and mom but never fully realized what a privilege it is to be one. I am thankful for my little ninja boy in my belly. I marvel at the fact that I can feel my sweet boy move and kick and honestly wish I could have that feeling forever. I dream about the day we will meet him, and who he will look like and how much my heart will grow that day. I am lucky to have a husband who loves God and desires to know Him more and more each day. God is still working on us and molding us and I am thankful for that. God has been so good, we are healthy which is something I will never take for granted and we live in a country where we can worship Him freely. I know He has great things in store for my family and I get excited just thinking about it.

So today I urge you to look around the table as your eat your meal and think about how truly blessed you are. How none of that happened by accident and what an awesome God we serve!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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