Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maternity Spanx

Shorty after I had Stella I discovered the body shaper. I had a 3 month old at home and still looked 5 months pregnant and I realized I needed to do something, fast. That's when I discovered that you can look way thinner than you are by squeezing all your fat and loose skin into a body shaper. Sure you can't breath and you have to be careful that it doesn't roll down because then your fat will come spewing out the top but if you are careful it can make you look a lot better than you really do. So, I became addicted to the body shaper, it got rid of my muffin top most of the time when I wore jeans, it smoothed everything out when I wore dresses, it was a miracle.
The only problem is when you get pregnant you can't really wear a body shaper and that is kinda when you really want one, sure your belly is getting bigger but you still want everything else to look nice and tight right? So I started looking into it and realized that someone out there must love body shapers as much as I do because they made one from pregnant ladies. Once my belly started getting big I ran out and bought one for the very reasonable price of $45 (total sarcasm). This is not me in the picture by the way, my legs do not look that good and if you ask me this girl doesn't have anything to hold in. But, none the less thank you spanx for thinking of us pregnant heffalumps!

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