Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inappropriate words

A couple of weeks ago as we were all getting ready for bed when my husband slipped this little statement into the conversation "Stella said frickin today." "WHAT?!?" I replied. "Ya, we were in the car at a stop light and she started yelling 'FRICKIN GO, FRICKIN GO!'" he says. I wonder who she got that from? Could it be her mother who treasures our time in the car because it means that I am not chasing her around? Or could it be her father who is already road raging the minute we get out of our driveway on an empty subdivision street? So for the next couple days I kept a close watch on her but never heard the word again so I was hoping it was just a fluke.

The weekend rolls around and Saturday we were all driving as a family when we came to a stop light at which point Stella started screaming "FRICKIN GO!" over and over. I looked at Dan with the look of death. "DO NOT SAY THAT" he told her. "Hypocrite" I mumbled under my breath. We got to our dinner destination and afterwards Dan wanted to run into a shoe store. Shoe stores and toddlers do not go well together so I told him we would wait in the car. My daughter and I were having a nice conversation until she realized Dan was gone and asked "Where did frickin Daddy go?" I told her not to use that word at which point she asked the question again. So, like any good mother I got out of the car, went around to her door, opened it, and smacked her on the hand. She laughed.

Later that night when we put her to sleep I was in the office on the computer when I heard her start to yell "FRICKIN DADDY GET UP HERE!" I ignored it this time, mainly because I didn't have the energy to fight any longer. I know there could be far worse words she could be saying but I am just waiting to pick her up from daycare and them to tell me she decided to use it there or possibly, maybe, she will wait until our church Christmas program and debut it there for the public.

*I have not heard the word again in a little over a week.

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