Monday, September 14, 2009

My not picky eater

I am thankful that I don't have a picky eater for a kid. HOWEVER I am not glad that my kid is a mooch and wants whatever I am eating all the time. I mean I guess it is pretty good for my waist line since I never get to eat any of my own food but the whole "I want some" is starting to get old. She is getting pretty creative in the way she is now asking for your food and I can't help but laugh at her most the time.

As I said her famous line is "I want some." But lately she has come up with some new tricks. We were driving in the car last week and I was eating almonds which Stella picked up on very quickly. "What do you have in your mouth? What are you eating Momma?'" Stella said. "Nuts" I replied. "Ohhh nuts, that's my favorite food...I want some." I started laughing so hard. I said "nuts are not your favorite food but you can have some."

Yesterday we were having some family over to watch the football game so I quickly ran into the gas station to get some soda while Dan and Stella waited in the care. When I came out with the soda Stella was screaming and clapping in delight. When I got back in the car she was yelling "YAY SODA!" I said "Stella you don't get to drink soda, you know that." To which she replied "ya, do" (which means ya I do). "No" I said back. Then a couple minutes later she said "I love soda, I love it." I just laughed, like I always do.


  1. Hi Katie- I couldn't resist reading your blog! They are somewhat familiar, but also unique. I didn't remeber until ella started being so charming , funny and " frank" how entertaining kids can be at that age. It sounds as though Stella is very verble. That's wonderful- even when she says things that are a bit embarassing. ( at least she says "toot" . I've heard the word "fart" slip out of Ella's mouth. The trouble is, she's so cute, no one cares! I'm sure they'll both grow up to be geniuses. Ella also is game to try anything to eat- but I thing Kyle tried hot peppers on her last week- that was a "no-go" I'll keep reading, you keep writing. My husband thinks anyone can write a children's book, -- maybe we could create an original character from all these funny stories and experiences.

  2. My kid does the same thing, if I'm even remotely near the kitchen he is on my heels wanting whatever it is I'm getting out, he's the complete opposite of picky, he's a piggy! :) Love him for it though, he's the only 16 month old I've ever seen that will gladly eat grapefruit and beets. :)