Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Coffee Lush

I now know the real reason why they tell you not to drink coffee when you are pregnant. It's not because the caffeine might stunt your babies growth or that it will make them all hopped up from the caffeine buzz. It's because they will be addicted to it. Yep, just like a mom who does drugs and then their kid comes out a crack baby. If you drink coffee when you are pregnant you newborn will come out dependent on it. Case in point, Stella. As I have said before her favorite saying is "I want some" so of course every time I am drinking coffee she walks up to me and states "I want some." I always tell her "no this is mommy's coffee, you can not have coffee." She never buys this as an answer and asks over and over until I drink all of my coffee. Today I got a McDonald's iced coffee which is a special treat for me and of course the little lush came right up and said "what's that? coffee? I want some." "No" I replied, partially because I know I shouldn't give my two year of coffee and partially because I don't want to share it with her. "I LOVE coffee" the lush said. "Nope" I replied again. "But I love it, coffee is my favorite." she replied. I ignored this statement and went on with my business. I was in the middle of doing laundry and went upstairs to get some more dirty clothes and on my way to the basement I passed the family room and just happened to glance in. What I saw was my 2 year old sitting on the couch, sucking my coffee down as fast as humanly possible. When I spotted her I screamed but she just kept on chugging like she was a college frat boy. She only stopped drinking when I snatched the cup from her mouth and even then her fat little cheeks were full of the substance. After she swallowed her last gulp she looked and me, smiled and said. "I love coffee."

Yes, yes she does. For Christmas this year she is going to be asking for a personal Mr. Coffee coffee maker to keep in her room, and McDonalds and Starbuck gift cards to feed her addiction.

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  1. I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my first, and i can guarantee he wont come out addicted coffee - because i've never liked it and dont drink it all.

    He may however end up addicted to garlic bread and begging me for Pringles for dinner every night.