Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buckle up, cause here we go again.

We are having another baby! I am 9 weeks along right now. We went to the doctor last week and got to see the little kidney bean that is growing in my body along with it's little beating heart. Seeing your baby's heart beating for the first time is one of the best things a mother can ever see. We are all very excited, although at times I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into. I think Dan said at one point when we were discussing when we should start trying "let's just get it over with." He then went on to say that our lives are crazy enough right now, lets not wait until it calms down and then start over, let just keep going. I agree with that....most the time.

Stella is VERY excited. I know she's only 2 but she already LOVES babies. Her favorite toys are her babies. She loves to look and touch real babies and she doesn't care if they are complete strangers, she will walk right up to them and touch them. I'm sure that makes those mom's super happy. Almost every Sunday she tries to steal real babies from church. She is in the "toddler room" from kids 18-33 months but every Sunday she tries her hardest to get into the infant room. If she can't break down the door she will wait until someone sets their baby in the car seat down and then she pounces. She tries to lift the carrier and by the time I see her and tell her "no" she is screaming "MY BABY, MY BABY!"

She is a little confused however about the baby and where it is growing. My best friend was just pregnant and recently had her first baby, a beautiful little girl who they named Veda. The whole time she was pregnant we would talk to Stella about it and say "baby Veda is in Auntie Amy's tummy, we love her, you are going to be best friends, etc." Well baby Veda was born last week and Stella seems to think she is now in my tummy. Every time I talk about mommy's baby she says "baby Betta, baby Betta." She also thinks the baby is growing in my boobs. Again we had this problem when Amy was pregnant. At any random time Stella would grab Amy's boobs or pull her shirt down exposing her and say "Baby Betta in dare." Repeatedly we told her that the baby was in her belly and we thought she was getting it towards the end since the molesting had come to an end but apparently not. She is now pulling my shirt down, poking my boobs and saying "Baby Betta." I mean I guess my boobs are as big as some pregnant woman's belly's so maybe it isn't her fault. I think we might be making some progress though because starting last week she now lifts up my shirt and yells into my belly button random things to the baby.

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