Monday, August 23, 2010

It's all in the name

Long before Dan and I were even married we knew what we wanted to name our daughter if we ever had one. My great grandma's name was Stella and although I didn't know her I loved the name. I am very close with my Papa and that was his mom. It just so happens that our first born was a girl and we never second guessed our name choice. Stella's name fits her to a tea. Now when I was pregnant with Stella, before we knew what we were having we did the whole run around trying to find a boy name that we both like. We came across Carter and both of us really like it. So if Stella would have been a boy, she would have been Carter. When we found out we were having a boy the second time around we had a few names we like; Carter, Luke and Jude. We decided on Carter, we both really liked it and had liked it for a long time.

We aren't big into name meanings so it never occurred to me to look up what the name Carter meant. For some odd reason last week I thought to myself "I don't even know what Carter's name means" so I went online to find out. Before I tell you what it means, let me tell you what the rest of our names mean.

My name, Katie, means purity. Dan's name, Daniel, means God is my judge. And, Stella's name, means star or style. Do you know what Carter's name means? Transporter of materials or driver of cart? Are you serious? Poor guy, he by far and away got the short end of that stick. Sorry buddy.

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  1. LOL! You trying to create a truck driver there? :P Name meanings are incredibly umm....meaningful to me. I like the first and middle name to "fit" to mean something awesome when put together. When I do that with my husband's name though, I have to laugh - Anthony James = Praiseworthy Supplanter, so "A really good substitute." Haha!