Friday, March 16, 2012

Today is a day to be celebrated

In my own little world I would declare today a holiday and the name of this holiday would be "The Day I Could Fit Into My Old Jeans Day" I am so happy I could scream...which I actually did...and then I did a dance...and made up a song which went "I can fit into my old jeans! I can fit into my old jeans!" My kids even joined in, clapping and dancing, it was quite an ordeal. Now when I say fit into I don't mean squeeze into where all my fat it just pushed up and over the top, I mean actually fit into where you don't have to suck in to button your pants fit. I still wrestle with working out every day but today I will not because today I know that it's working, that all the pain and the constant state of being sore is paying off.

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