Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carter Daniel

Carter was born February 26th. He was 7lbs 5ozs and 21inches and handsome as can be. My labor story is one I might save for a future post if people actually want to hear it...maybe nobody cares which is fine too.

First off little boys are a whole new ball game...and when I say ball I actually mean balls, and not the kind you play sports with. Who knew that such a tiny baby could pee on you so many times. And why did everyone forget to tell me that his little package is just really a place to hide and store poop? That surely would have been a helpful tip.

We had a tough time figuring him out at first. We knew something was bothering him but didn't know what it was. After a lot of trial and error and now that he's on the most expensive formula known to man kind we have a happy boy. He is the sweetest thing, lots of smiles and laughing and talking. And I can also tell that he loves his mommy. He follows my voice and always smiles when I talk to him. He is the new man in my life and I am totally in love.

He already has a lot of nicknames, our family is really good at them. Everyone calls him "buddy" which is obviously the generic nickname for all boys, my mom calls him Mr. Squeaks sometimes because he is always making noise, even in his sleep. Dan calls him "Cartizner" or "Niezner." Stella used to call him "Mr. Grumps" when he wasn't happy but now that he is we don't really call him that anymore. She also calls him "baby buds or baby butter" which is my favorite, baby butter. Sometimes I just call him butter, kind of like brother but butter.

So welcome to the family Butter, get ready because we are a crazy one!

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