Friday, May 21, 2010

The Penis Stand

I had a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago and got it in my head that it would be a fun idea for Stella to have a lemonade stand. When I told her about it the night before the rummage started she got very excited. The next morning when she woke up it was all she could talk about. She then shocked me when she said "When baby Carter is old he is going to have a penis stand!" Thinking that I might have mishear her I asked her to repeat what she said and sure enough she had said "penis stand." I wanted to tell her that is illegal in the United States on many accounts some being that it is not legal to expose yourself in public and also that baby Carter is a minor, not to mention completely against our moral beliefs. But, instead of going into the legality of the manner I simply asked her what she meant, what is a penis stand? To which she simply replied "a lemonade stand for boys." "Oh!" I said, "makes sense."

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