Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Male Nesting

Let me tell you a little story. You know how when women are pregnant they “nest”? Well I completely believe that Dan nested when I was pregnant with Stella instead of me. The only problem with that is that he did MAJOR projects. I remember waking up one Saturday morning to find that Dan along with several other male neighbors were ripping out our deck. Nothing was wrong with it, Dan simply decided that morning to rip it out and put in a cement patio, a decision he know regrets. When I was nine months pregnant we had no flooring in our downstairs, the oven and refrigerator were living in the garage and there was no toilet in our 1st floor bathroom. I told Dan as nicely as a 9 month pregnant woman could that the toilet better be in by the time I come home from the hospital with that baby or I would be peeing on the floor and he could clean it up. While I was in the hospital with Stella, our neighbor finished the work, that's how close it came to the wire.

You think these are all a little crazy, right? Well, I saved the best for last. Right around the time of the whole deck being ripped out situation which was when I was very newly pregnant, Dan also decided to rip the toilet paper holder out of the wall in our upstairs bathroom. It was one of those old school receded toilet paper holders and he wanted to patch the hole and just put a new updated hook or something there. When he took it out it left a huge open hole in the wall, exposing the insulation and drywall. Well it has now been 4 years and we still have a hole in our wall. We put our toilet paper on the counter top and every single day I look at the whole. Well last week my mom and I decided enough is enough. We went out and bought a new receded toilet paper holder, which are not easy to find since they as old as dinosaurs, and today, we put it in the wall. It took us a total of 15 minutes and cost us $11. It looks like a whole new bathroom. My mom said now we can finally have an open house. I ask myself why it took this long to do it but then I remind myself that Dan is both impulsive and non handy. However I find it amusing that my mom and I were able to do something that he couldn’t in 4 years, in 15 minutes.

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  1. I fell your pain, my Husband is in construction so there is always something being half fixed in our house. When my car needed new windshield wipers, I kindly let him know, he went out and bought them, then they sat in the garage until I, finally, after 2 months of waiting (thank god I live in the desert and it doesnt rain that much) put them on myself. It took me 10 minutes to do. Maybe it's a lesson on how to be more self sufficent, but I think it's him being lazy.