Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where's Sophie?

For the first time in the four years we have lived in this house I have kept it pretty clean for longer than a week. I am keeping up with the laundry and actually putting it away as it is done (normally I just pile it on the guest bed) so how oh how did I lose something amongst all this tidiness? What did I lose you ask? The ridiculously expensive teething toy that Carter only started taking an interest in the day it went missing named Sophie. For you moms out there you might be familiar with her. Moms rant and rave about Sophie the giraffe and how their babies love her and snuggle her and gnaw on her. Finally, last Saturday Carter got the hang of it and started chewing away....then she went missing. We don't know where she is and I have looked everywhere. I asked Stella who is actually usually good at keeping track of where random things are and she doesn't know either. I am hoping that she shows up soon because I am losing sleep over where this $20 plastic squeaky toy could be....maybe I should make some lost puppy type posters and poster them around.


  1. Oh no!! Both my kiddos have their special loveys that they can't function without...Don't know what we would do without them! Hope Sophie turns up very soon!

  2. Oh no............. I bet Stella hid it and secretly chews on it at night!!! =) Good luck finding it..